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Navigating education, together 

How Webecome built online communities through our platform.

Career guidance helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses and then match them with skills and interest to venture into the most suitable career paths. It also educates parents on the topic, which helps them support their children when making life-changing decisions. 


Research shows that the majority of parents (85%) want to play an active role in their child’s education, but there are barriers to their involvement, including time availability, not being asked or being unsure of what to offer. 

Jointly, a Corporate Wellbeing organization leverages WeSchool’s collaborative learning platform to host live educational and interactive sessions between members . Since 2016, they have helped 20,000 learners and parents make informed decisions about their next steps in education by building Online Learning Communities with over 30,000 comments and 10,000 interactions between Group members. 

Marina Fiorino, Jointly

“WeSchool’s platform has enabled us to build interactive and flexible pathways, monitor learner participation and the ability to organize content in a clear and schematic way.

The 3 wins of Online Learning Communities

Motivated learners

The WeSchool platform offers learners a point system which attributes users with points when making comments, attending classes and completing learning paths. This increases learner motivation and encourages discussions between learners. The communities benefit from shared knowledge and new perspectives. 


On the other hand, Jointly uses this data to issue course certificates to students for the PCTO in Italy: a compulsory learning path for high school students conducted in companies as part of work experience.

Support for parents and guardians

Jointly understand the importance of involving parental figures in a child’s education. Through WeSchool’s Live sessions feature and content repository, they have been able to build, share and discuss content that meets parental needs through asynchronous comments and live Q & As.

Intentional learning

WeSchool’s embedded content repository has allowed course creators to build asynchronous lessons and massive webinars for students about the next steps of their career choices using personalized learning paths and innovative teaching methods.

  • The course launched in 2016 and continues to help students and parents navigate the next steps in their education
  • We enable the creation of learning communities through our all-in-one collaborative platform: Our Calendar, Wall, personalized learning paths and Chat encourage discussions and peer-to-peer support
  • Over 30,000 comments across a learning community of 20,000 people
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