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Unlock the power of instructional design

Our 6-element strategy supports anyone in creating impactful education projects based on their specific needs. Here’s how.

What it means to collaborate on WeSchool

Sick of e-learning as you know it? We all are. That’s why we’re here to help you redefine your idea of learning with a more collaborative, instructional design based and effective approach.

Our idea of learning
Six tried and tested instructional design elements we bring into our education projects and collaborative platform to make learning future-proof.

Meet your learners

Do all participants have the same background? Assess pre-existing knowledge, attitudes, and interests with initial testing to create more meaningful learning experiences.

Plan interactive experiences

From gamification to role-plays, debates, and teach-to-learn: Explore new teaching methods to enhance motivation, excitement, and learning outcomes.

Create learner centered content

Make your learning strategy more inclusive and accessible by designing content that really takes your learners’ needs into consideration.

Collaborate and interact

Focus on community learning to boost teamwork, public speaking, networking, critical thinking, and even digital skills in any setting.

Get better together

Integrate meaningful, real-time feedback throughout the journey to improve the learning experience.

Fuel with feedback

No more waiting for the end of a course for evaluations. We help you integrate meaningful, real-time feedback throughout your journey: quick and relevant insights into your learners’ skills and knowledge.

Seasoned, interested, or new to instructional design?

We got you covered. Our Education Team is ready to help you make the most of your next learning experience, no matter your background.

If you’re an expert instructional designer…

You can use the WeSchool platform to put into practice all the teaching strategies you can think of.

If you need a catch up…

We provide instructors with dedicated training on the latest and most effective teaching strategies.

If you want to create a project with us…

We help companies create education projects from scratch based on their objectives and desired outcomes.
How we move the learning needle
WeSchool model
Traditional LMS model
Active and collaborative learning
Standard lesson-to-test framework
A team
Different learning professionals
Just 1
Solo instructor
Technology both in person and online
In person
No technology
Peer to peer learning
Learning on your own
81% course completions
12% course completions

Choose your methodology

Explore our ready-made, open access free guides to make the most out of all the innovative teaching strategies with the WeSchool Methodology
Methodology Handbooks
Learning to find new solutions? Bring real-world problems to your teaching practice with our step-by-step framework to Challenge-based Learning.
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Cooperative learning is not just setting up a group activity. Discover how to really spark fair collaboration amongst learners with…
Methodology Handbooks
How to engage your learners to research, study, and present their ideas about important issues through formal discussions? Make it…
Methodology Handbooks
Critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration: digital escape rooms can help learners develop the most sought after skills out there…
Methodology Handbooks
Curious to discover how to make the most of your classroom time with the Flipped Teaching approach? Read our dedicated…
Methodology Handbooks
Find out about Role Play, a learning tool that helps participants develop their emotional skills by living through a situation…
Methodology Handbooks
Self-evaluation is a strategy that helps learners get more autonomous and aware of their needs, strengths and areas of growth…
Methodology Handbooks
Teach to Learn is a teaching method that enhances learning outcomes by letting learners become teachers in the classroom. Find…

 Ready to make the WeSchool Methodology your own?