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Marta Valverde
Mar 14, 2023 .
3 Minutes

Here’s an example of how it outperformed Instruct GPT, a similar tool designed to follow instructions

The illnesses of School: 7 Disease related to School
From “noncooker” to home cook in a few months

Like many, journalist Bryan Walsh was a “noncooker” for a long time. And it wasn’t just due to his busy schedule as an editor and writer or the sweet temptation to just order food from the couch.

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Self-evaluation can be applied to any learning environment. It’s not just a theoretical methodology, but also a tool that can be embedded in any learning journey to boost learners’ self-awareness. This enables anyone to observe and assess their work independently, stimulating a dynamic and reflective approach to learning. As a result, learners deepen their understanding of not just the topic at hand, but also of their own learning process.

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“The real reason I didn’t cook was that I was scared”.
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