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Andrea Migliorini
How Duolingo makes learning languages seem so easy
Feb 20, 2023 .
5 Minutes

Can you learn a new language in your fifties? Yes, thanks to Duolingo’s learning recipe: Noam Chomsky’s linguistic theories, powered by data analysis, adaptive AI and gamification.

Duolingo in a nutshell

Simply put, Duolingo is a platform to learn languages. Many languages (more than 40). Available for both mobile and desktop, with a free or subscription plan, the app guides you towards your language-learning goals through a personalized skill tree of lessons made up of a diverse range of activities: translations, multiple-choice, flashcards, matching, speaking and listening exercises.

Duolingo by the numbers

9+ million daily active users in 2021

49+ million monthly active users in 2022

575+ million registered users in 2022

Why is it so successful?
How can children learn to speak fluently before going to school? Why does a native English speaker intuitively understand that “is the here teacher “ is an incorrect sentence?