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Tech to learn

Meet WeSchool's Engineering team

Six reasons to work at WeSchool

Want to lead the change in digital education by joining a global, flexible, down-to-earth bunch of devs? 


We are on a mission to make education accessible for all through tech. But to get there, we need to continue growing our diverse team with leaders who think outside the box and use their experiences to do things differently.  


Sounds like you? Keep scrolling to find out what it means to work as a developer for an ever-growing learning platform.

Different backgrounds and skills. A shared mission: lead on digital education.

How we work

Releasing code before it is ready? No way. To avoid wasting time fixing bugs , we opted for a more effective approach. Batch processing : 6 weeks to analyze the problems we need to address and 6 weeks to write the actual code.

Tech questions

What programming languages ​​work best within a learning platform? What are the benefits of using React ? But also: do you prefer working remotely or in person? In a nutshell, A or B? We tested our team with a set of “this or that” answers. Tough questions? Well, we prefer to call them tech questions.

On release

How are we going to extract knowledge from our Big Data with AI ? What features can we develop to create new gamification tools within the platform? Take a tour of the challenges we will face in the upcoming months.

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